Hackers steal another $180k from Cryptopia exchange

Hackers steal another $180k from Cryptopia exchange

Hacker has taken over New Zealand-based cryptocurrency exchange Cryptopia and have stolen another $180,000 in Ether. This is according to a blog post by Blockchain data analytics firm Elementus yesterday.

Cryptopia suffers another hack

This latest development comes just days after the exchange was hacked a few days ago and some coins stolen. This latest hack saw the attackers steal an extra ether from 17,000 wallets – an amount worth about $181,000 at the time of writing.

Initially, it was expected that Cryptopia would move their cryptocurrencies to some exchanges to ensure the safety of the remaining funds. However, the ether stolen were sent to an Ethereum address used by the hacker during the last attack.

The firm stated that “The hacker has the private keys and can withdraw funds from any Cryptopia wallet at will.” They added that some wallets are still being topped up, which suggests that not all users know about the breach.

Elementus stated that “Most of the funds are coming from mining pools. Presumably, these payments are being sent on behalf of miners who opted to receive their rewards automatically via ‘direct deposit,’ and have since forgotten about it.”

Just last week, Elementus reported that roughly $16 million worth of ether and ERC-20 tokens had been stolen from Cryptopia wallets. Cryptopia has so far failed to release any information on the amount lost so far. The exchange went offline on January 15 after it cited a major hack leading to significant losses.

The New Zealand police have been investigating the case since then. The authorities are keeping an open mind on the different possibilities. The police issued an update on January 22 stating that good progress has been made. It added that “positive lines of enquiry are being developed to identify the source of the transfer, and to identify where the cryptocurrencies have been sent.”


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